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250 Words in 2.5 Days: Sounding Out the Election: Music, Media and Text

In homage to crowdsourcing and new forms of media literacy, several organizations (SCMS and Trax on the Trail) have come together to support a conversation about media content in this election.

Write 250-300 words that describe the music and image of an audiovisual clip connected with the Presidential campaign--a political ad, a TV package, a YouTube meme, a music video. Include a description of the soundtrack (paying special attention to some of its musical features—rhythm, arrangement, genre, etc.) and the image. Email your mini-essays to the link below using the subject 250; include a link to your clip. Some of the essays will be selected for publication in Trax on the Trail and Film Criticism. Poets, music journalists, media critics, academics, high-school students, YouTube fans, and the general public are all invited to participate. No trolling. Entries will be moderated and published as a longer listserv. We ask that all submitters promise to vote and/or encourage three others to vote.

DUE 11/7; selected essays will be published November 8.

Email your submission


For inspiration, check out the examples of media journalism below:

Audiovisuality and the Media Swirl: Campaign 2016

Subjective Perspectives through Word, Image and Sound: Temporality, narrative agency and embodiment in the Dixie Chicks’ video ‘Top of the World’ 

Trax on the Trail